Natalia (Nika) Sorzano

Project 7Office For Irrelevant Affairs  2019
This performance piece addresses the experience that I underwent over four years as coordinator of LGBTIQ Affairs for the Colombian government. During this period, my team and I received cases of violations against the human rights of Colombian LGBTIQ+ social sectors. Together with activist organizations we created the foundations for a national public LGBTIQ+ policy that would orient how institutions across the state needed to operate in order to safeguard sexual minorities’ rights. However, once a new government took charge, everything we did, including the existence of the LGBTIQ+ office, was dismantled and archived. All the monitored cases and the information gathered through political dialogue across the country became insignificant for an emerging Christian supported right-wing government. 

Through this performance, I de-construct official state documents of violent cases and convert them into a pluri-vocal narrative that moves between poetry, factual information and personal storytelling. Orbiting around a desk and an office cubicle, the main character intends to free neglected files entrapped in political unwillingness, while resisting three shadow-like characters. These embody the indifference of politicians, the weight of impunity, and the corruption that undermines the relevance of sexual minorities' lives.
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