Natalia (Nika) Sorzano

Project 3 Erotic Encounters: Meditative Scores2022
Considering the current circumstances and the urgency to change our consumption habits, I wonder if our relationship to objects will change; and if it does, how musicality, sensuality and pop culture will be influenced by these transformations, by what's reachable and at hand. How will our relation to our surroundings shift? And in this shifting, can new forms of music making and band creating emerge?

This painting and collage installation is part of the research-based project Mud and Sticky band, consisting of a music band made of monster-like characters built from organic remains and recycled materials.

The paintings are an on-going series of meditative scores for becoming and engaging erotically with other bodies and matter, such as swallowing fire or a score on how to have a sexual encounter with a cactus. The paper collages serve as study documents on texture and shape. These have become guiding tools for the making of the band members, their sounds and voices, their shapes, textures, personalities and attitudes. 
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