Natalia (Nika) Sorzano

Mud and Sticky Band
From 2021 I began to experiment with sculptural hybrids between organic remains and waste that I now see as contaminated/assimilated entities. I experimented with tree trunks, rocks, ceramics and pop cultural waste remains. These trials took the shape of wonky monsters when I incorporated mainstream beauty industry items, such as long nails and hair extensions. The merging of these materials seemed off and unstable. It led me to wonder about the material's own agency and its disobedience and/or tendencies toward hybridity. I started to see these figures as dissident characters, their eroticism and stubbornness inspired this project. Mud and Sticky Band has become a research-based work that has concluded in multiple outcomes, such as a sculptural-based music band that emits sound and voices from its insides taking the shape of a sound installation. 

The research process has consisted on site-visits to natural and urban locations around the Netherlands in order to explore desire with sound, texture, movement and shape. I took Sara Ahmed's Orientations: Toward a Queer Phenomenology as a instruction manual to navigate these locations while analyzing the relationship between bodies, space, more-than-human species and matter. Some of these methods included intuitive collection of objects and their re-organization, recordings of soundscapes, thorough notations of movements and choreographs instigated by the space, thorough descriptions of the landscape, conversations with friends, workshops with students, among others.

This embodied research has been guided by an interest in finding new ways of relating to ‘nature’ and the environment, while allowing my own desire and subjectivity to be moved and transfomed by this relation. With this work I explore how texture, sound, shape, form, space and other material and formal qualities are in dialogue in the construction of my desire, embracing it as a collective eco-socially mediated process between bodies, spaces and matter. I am interested in finding how the ensamble of these qualities can create new shapes and orientations, new settings where these elements become an extension of (and beyond) myself.

This work has been shown in:

Radius CCA (2023)
Roodkapje Rotterdam (2023)
O, Opera and Theater festival of Rotterdam (2023)


Mud and Sticky band was made during the HCA Residency Program in Roodkapje Rotterdam (2022 - 2023). 

This work was made with the support of the CBK Rotterdam (O&O Grant) and the Mondriaan Fonds (Corona Grant). 

The soundpiece was commissioned by curator Honey Kraiwee for the show Ancestral Fortunes at Showroom Mama (2021). It was mixed by Bergur Anderson. 

Special thanks to: 

Roodkapje and Marloes de Vries, Paula Pineda, Public and Private minor students from the WdKA, Céline Wouters, Lili Huston-Herterich and Valeria Velazquez for their support and accompaniment in the different stages of the work.

Sound Piece

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