Natalia (Nika) Sorzano

Project 1On Desire 2023
Accompanied by performers Fyn [sarafina] Paulina Bonita, Mariana Jurado, Lucija Gregov and Paloma Plantenga.

This performance was an experimental performative activation in the format of a music concert of the sculpture pop group Mud and Sticky Band.

The actions and dialogues between the objects and live performers follow the discursive and embodied analysis I gathered during different site visits and the sound recordings and musical compositions that I compiled through this process. The different actions and props that take place in the performance emerged from a series of scores/collages which served as study documents on textures and shapes. These collages were guiding tools for the making of the band members, they form, their sounds and voices, their shapes, textures, personalities and attitudes. The material qualities of these sculptures determined through their own agency their abilities, capacities and potentials, simultaneously determining how us, as live performers, could engage with them through actions, voice and sound.
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