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Ghost is a three-person facilitative platform comprised of Madison Bycroft, Kari Robertson, and Natalia Sorzano. We all met whilst studying for our masters at The Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Together, under this cipher, we are interested in experimental forms of assistance, collaboration, authorship and exhibition making.

We have been working and thinking together since September 2016. We have, to date, held five exhibition/performance events in local exhibitions spaces and offsites (including a botanical garden, and a docked barge) in Rotterdam, and our first collaboration as makers was in Colombia at MIAMI Contemporaneous and took the form of a collaboratively conceived and realised exhibition. In addition to this, we have facilitated five screening programs at Worm Filmhaus, Rotterdam and also in Microscope Gallery, NYC.

These events have orbited around alternative notions of time, aural traditions, water, de-subjectification, contamination, the paradox, and de-mystifying notions of authorship. We are sensitive to and privilege de-colonising practices and works that range from documentary to re-working history through re-enactment and to storytelling.

Underlying our practice as GHOST is a shared exploration of subject/object-ivity authorship and hosting, a commitment to generosity and collaboration as an attitude and modality and a desire to support the work of other artists in meaningful, thoughtful and generative ways.

The three of us who constitute GHOST are all foreign to the Netherlands. Each of us is from a different part of the world; Scotland, Australia and Colombia respectively. We are also all artists with our own independent practices. We are attentive to these unusual positions and use them to inform our programming and how we treat and respond to the work of other artists. Where possible we facilitate dialogue between artists who come from vastly different geographical and conceptual contexts.

Artist we have worked with to date:

Eothen Stearn, Ana María Montenegro, Christian Hansen, Clementine Edwards, Marlon Riggs, Diana Navarro Sanjuan, Ela Troyano, Kurt Nahar, Luisa Ungar, Gordon Douglas, Chloe Maillet and Louise Herve, Momu & No Es, Soda Jerk, Blanche Cybele Derby, Yoeri Guepín, Larisa David, Urok Shirhan, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Loukia Alavanou, Neil Beloufa, Rosalind Nashashibi, Lucy Skaer, Sara Pape García, Gabriel Mejía, Katherine MacBride, Juan Pelaez, Adriana Martinez, Anna Maria Luczak, Maria Isabel Rueda, Manuel Segade, Ash Kilmartin, Juan Obando.

website: GHOST