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Natalia Sorzano
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Natalia Sorzano (b.1984) graduated with degrees in law and fine art and worked in the field of human rights research, coordinating the office for LGBTIQ affairs for the Colombian Government from 2010 to 2014. In 2016, Natalia finished her MFA degree (cum laude) in fine art at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, where she is now based. She co-runs the facilitative and collaborative platform GHOST and was co-founder of the artist-run queer community center Tender Center Rotterdam.

Natalia stages and translates conversations and encounters into music, video, installation and performance. Her work explores practices of relation, belief and mixed identities by channeling multiple voices and narratives to juxtapose mysticism, politics, oral histories and theory.


Piet Zwart Institute. Willem De Kooning Academy. Hogeschool Rotterdam. Master of Fine Arts (Cum Laude) Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 2014-2016.
Los Andes University. Undergraduate Law School program. Bogotá, Colombia. 2004 – 2009.
Los Andes University. Undergraduate Art School program. Bogotá, Colombia. 2004 – 2009.



Impugnando la Locura. Solo exhibition. Paraíso Bajo. Espacio en Blanco, Bogotá.
Rituals of Transformation. Collaboration with Tender Center. TENT/WORM, Rotterdam.
LA the Car Show. Van tour in USA. Curated by Angel Falken, Anna Maria Luczak, Katharina Cameron.
Paisajes distópicos. Bitácora. Bogotá.
Smeared States, Satellite event. Tender Center/Showroom Mama. Curated by Lila Athenasladova.
Brandstof: Office For Irrelevant Affairs. Garage Rotterdam Gallery. Curated by Bas Hedrikx, Rotterdam.
GUINEENSIS. First Encounter of Contemporary Art in Central America and the Caribbean, Tela.

45º Salón Nacional de Artistas de Colombia, Bogotá.

Omni Toxica. Productiehuis Rotterdam Theater and Veem House for Performance Amsterdam


Dónde están los ladrones. Club de la Canción. BITACORA. Bogotá
FOMO Radio, Piet Zwart Institute- Open Studios. Rotterdam. The Half Sunk Hollow, Madison Bycroft. Performance programme Roodkapje. Rotterdam.
United Mouths. GHOST. Rotterdam. (curation)
Useless. Solo Exhibition. Attent. Rotterdam.
In Watermelon Sugar. Poppositions. Laagencia. Brussels. Ateliers. Charlois Special. RET studios. Rotterdam
Quiero un presidente. Editorial Salvaje y Espacio Odeón, Bogotá.
Beyond the Moon, Ger C. Bout. Upominki at CO-OP, Unseen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. (curation)
SesamStraat. Ghost. Het Gemaal Zuid. Rotterdam. (curation)
Afecto Invernadero. Laagencia en Odeón. Bogotá.
Frankenstein Backpack Show (partIII), Tender Center, Rotterdam.


Post-Partum Party. GHOST. Attent. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (Curation)
Poéticas del signo y del détour. MACBA. Barcelona, Spain.
The Boat. GHOST. Kaapschip Katendrecht, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Curation) Matera. Artecámara de Chapinero de Bogotá, Colombia.
Far but not further. GHOST. Worm, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (Curation)
Swarming Spawns Rebel Workers. GHOST. Kralingen Botanic Garden. The Netherlands. (Curation)
Gentle Dust, Showroom Mama. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Aerial, Microscope Gallery. New York, USA.
GHOST and MIAMI. Miami, prácticas contemporáneas, Bogotá.


Artecámara. ARTBO. Bogotá, Colombia.
Etelvina Maldonado. IDYLLLMBOR Listeance. Sinister Legends. Rotterdam. (curation) Assemble Relatives. Graduation Show curated by Maaike Gouwenberg. TENT. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
RAAR – Rotterdam Art And Radio. Wolfart, radio programme. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
First Cut. Curated by Katarina Zdjelar. Worlfart. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Estudio Abierto. BÎTACORA. Bogotá, Colombia.
On Demand 3. Tegenboschvanvreden Gallery. Curated by Carolyn H Drake and Suzanne Wallinga. Amsterdam.
South Explorer. T’ Otje. Rotterdam Zuid. Rotterdam.
Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict. MOB Complex Terrein, Whatspace. Tilburg.
BAR Party. BAR Project. HALF HOUSE. Barcelona, España.
Boom Bang II. NN Contemporary Art. Northampton, England.
Cutting leaves for the dogs. Tale of a Tub. Curated by Katarina Zdjelar. Rotterdam. Towards a further word. Book launch conference on Katarina Zdjelar. TENT. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 2014


Banff Center Residency. Banff, Canada. 2019
Resiencia MIAMI Prácticas Contemporáneas. 1 Nov – 30 Nov of 2017, Bogotá, Colombia. Mobile Autonomy. Summer School curated by Nico Dockx and Pascal Gielen with the support of TRAFFIC. Middelheim Museum. Antwerp, Belgium. August 2015.
Atelierhouse Worpswede. Academy Residency with Piet Zwart Institute. April 25th to May 3rd, 2015


Mondriaan Fonds – Young Talent Award 2018-2019
Investeringsbijdragen (IBB Grant), CBK Rotterdam, 2018., Subsidie Kunst en Cultuur in the Gebieden, Rotterdam City Hall, 2018.
Investeringsbijdragen (IBB Grant), CBK Rotterdam, 2017. ,
Ontwikkeling- en Onderzoekssubsidies (O&O Grant), CBK Rotterdam, 2017.
Beca para colombianos en formación artística y cultural en el exterior. Ministry of Culture, Colombia. 2014.
Grant / credit. Colfuturo. 2014.
Dean´s Merit Scholarship. New School, Parsons University. 2013


• Guest Jury for the Drempelprijs Autonomous Practice of the Willem de Kooning Academy, 2018. • Coordinator and co-curator of Hominem Universalis workshops. Upominki, Rotterdam, 2018. • Guest artist – workshop: Beyond Offense: Speaking with Sound, Voice and Gesture. Showroom Mama, 15th September, Rotterdam, 2017. • Guest speaker at Conversa # 44 in Rotterdam at the Mevrouw BOK Artists Studios. October 07, 2015. • Guest speaker at the Conference “Sexual and Gender Diversity in Quindio.” Report: Approaches to discrimination in Colombia. October 16th 2012. University of Quindío. Armenia, Colombia. • Guest speaker at the Conference “Discrimination is a crime,” conducted by the Organization Caribe Afirmativo and the Center of Spanish Cooperation. August 17th, 2012, Cartagena, Colombia. • Creative invited to the Conversation “Artists in Dialogue version # 27” by the Paramus Creative Ecosystem. August 11th in the Project Room at the Museum Banco de la República. • Guest speaker to the VIII Conference of the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society, in the framework of “Public policies for the recognition of LGBT Human Rights.” July 7th, 2011, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. • Guest speaker to the dialogue and workshop on “Secular State: Colombia, how are we?” Organized by Ferrer i Gurádia Foundation of Barcelona. May 17th 2011, Bogotá, Colombia.


• Virus Tropical. Featured Animated Film. Main Song, Soundtrack. Invited artist/Voice. • Sender Sumpf. Piet Zwart Institute Publications. Rotterdam, 2015. • NO ESTOY SOLA. LP album. Sonido Azulado and Toc Toc Producciones. Colombia, 2014. • Origia/Bodegón. Tropical Porn Magazine. Issue No.1. Puerto Colombia, Colombia. • My last supper. Matera Journal. Issue No. 9 Food. Bogotá, Colombia. • Process of anti-self-help. Matera Journal. Issue No. 5 Money. Bogotá, Colombia. • Blood Pact. Journal Matera. Issue No. 4 Los Amigos. Bogotá, Colombia. • Prediction of the Future. Matera Journal. Issue No. 2 The Future. Bogota Colombia.


Willem de Kooning Academy – August 2019 to present day • 4th year tutor of Public and Private course for the Autonomous Practice minor.   

GHOST – September 2016 to present day • Curation and programmer •co-founder • Researcher • Producer

Tender Center Rotterdam -August 2018 to October 2019 •co-founder •board member

UPOMINKI – February 2018 to August 2018 • Assistant Curator • Researcher

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Colombia – August 2010 to August 2014 • Coordinated the Office of LGBTI social sectors. • Held political dialogue with civil population around the country and led the formulation and creation of the LBGTI National Public Policy project. • Directed and Created with NGOs and activists the Institutional State Committee for the elimination of human right violations and discrimination against LGBTI social sectors. • Represented the government in national and international conferences and workshops regarding sexuality and gender and was the editor and writer in chief for government related LGBTI affairs.

Club de la Canción – January 2010 to present day • Creative director and co-founder. • Programmer • Manager • Producer

Ucrós & Asociados Abogados – June 2010 to December 2010 • Assistant Researcher • Jurisprudential rulings on environmental law for a public action against a multinational petrol company due to an environmental damage caused by one of their gas stations.

Dr. Rodolfo Arango Rivadeneira / Associate and auxiliary judge of the Constitutional Court – January 2010 to June 2010 • Assistant Researcher – Justice and Peace Law of Colombia (Law 975 of 2005) • Documented the regulatory framework of the Justice and Peace Law for the creation of a normative database for the Attorney General’s Office to monitor the Act used by public officers.