PAISAJES SOSPECHOSOS – Suspicious Landscapes.

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general2SLPictures from the solo exhibition USELESS at Attent in Rotterdam, 2018.

Sculpture, fabric collage and installation, 2017-2018.

During a period of partial paralysis, I focused upon the representation of bodily failure and states of paralysis within my work. I began to draw parallels between Sontag’s Illness as Metaphor (1978), Utopian Architecture and the expectations (confinements or liberties) of artistic practice and the political self.

With these series of sculptures I take utopian architecture models and forms and convert them into carbonized make-belief landscapes.  The fabric collage / a tsunami curtain, reflects upon the history of gold in the Americas.

For the purpose of this solo exhibition, the works were in dialogue and tied together by an on-going sound piece. I developed it with the support of two Bulgarian collaborators, Eliz Hafiz  and Yoana Buzova, who narrate the predictions made by Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga from 2018 to 5079, the end of the world. Through out the sound work, I intersect questionings about translation, truth, appropriation and misinterpretation.

Baba Banga, time travel distorted words.