COORDENADAS DE LA LIBERTAD / SUPERSTICIÓN – Coordinates of Freedom / Superstition.




This performance talk is a result of conversations and encounters with belief and magic. The performance starts off with a text of instructions on a music stand, an intervened Chiquita Banana box, a doctor’s bag with magic instruments and a guitar. Through out the 45 minutes, I take out all the objects, elements, books and magic instruments, organizing them like islands connected by corners and rope.

I read, sing, tell stories and include the audience participation, while I navigate my memory, channel other people’s shared experiences, theoretical references and caribbean worship.

This work addresses superstition as a method to find freedom, by narrating the progression and fluxus of my believes, on the basis of relation, foreign experience and guidance. Influenced by worships, religions and people, I create my own coordinates of magic and faith.

This pictures were taken at the MACBA museum in Barcelona on the 20th of January as part of the performance programme Poéticas del Signo y del Detour curated by Julia Morandeira on the framework of MIRALDA’s retrospective.