ESTADO REAL – Real State

IMG_4353 (1)

Real State


Acrylic on wood

1,50 x 1,20 cms

Real State is an imitation of a real estate sign installed in situ facing the main entrance of the terrain. The headline “For sale due to peace” was found in a real estate website where this land was advertised. The location of the terrain was used as a Mobilization Complex – Military ammunition storage terrain – during the Cold War. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, these terrains went out of use and have been abandoned around The Netherlands. Some have been left as parks; others have maintained the storage buildings in order to show the spaces as history museums; and others are being offered for sale. This particular MOB Complex in Tilburg has been advertised for sale and the community continues to disapprove it by gathering signatures to stop it from becoming a shopping mall.

It is said that there were over 80 MOB Complexes in the Netherlands during the Cold War.