LA CANDILEJA, EL MITO / Candileja, the myth.


Candileja, the myth originated in the Colombian farmer populations. Reportedly the Candileja, a large fireball with extensions like limbs, appears in the valleys while making sounds of broken plates. Like other myths, its purpose is to teach, or better, share experiences departing from speculation.This work was done quietly and clandestinely in the reclaimed valleys of Worpswede, Germany. It is a translation and movement of knowledge through symbol, another way of saying without announcing and of hosting the European romantic landscape, while simultaneously changing it. Myths are not specific to a place, but to their modes of transmission, they mutate and change meaning, they become landscape and acquire their own voice. As C. Kraus says, myths live on the margins of history, they speak from dissent from the illogical or unreasonable.

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